Monday, March 16, 2009


Something that makes me happy: thinking about Steph.
Looking forward to: seeing Steph in one month!
Something I don't want to pay for right now: all of Steph's presents.  Just kidding, I love buying her presents!
Something I dread: not being with Steph.
Currently reading: Steph In London
Favorite trip in the last year: Sun Valley with Steph, Montana with Steph, Arizona with Steph
Best hair conditioner: the one Steph uses, she has such nice hair.
Best thing in the mail today: a postcard from Steph!  Yay!
Love or hate Valentine's Day: Don't care cause it didn't involve Steph
I am on a kick of: STEPH
A luxury for me would be: being with Steph!
Time of day I look forward to most: anytime.... WITH STEPH.
If I could go shopping right now I would buy: refer to question number two... Steph's presents!
Something I want to do more of: hang out with Steph.
Least favorite thing of the past week: not being with Steph.
Glad that: Steph is my best friend.

Thanks for tagging me, Lauren.  It so much fun to tell everyone about my best friend Steph.  She is the best person I know.  Love, Masha.


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hahaha fannie you are such a fweak!!