Thursday, January 29, 2009

Way To Go Man of The Month!

Our man of the month (I should probably say months) TJ Schiller won his first gold in slopestyle at the winter x games!!!!!! Coming in as an alternate and competing in only one other competition since recovering from tearing his ACL last season TJ had a sick first run and no one could beat it. A highly unlikely and awesome win! Way to go my future husband and Fannie's future lover on the side (if she is lucky).

In case it was not aired in jolly old England or you just missed it here is his sick run


Steph said...

Such a SOLID RUN. I knew my lover would pull through, and yes, he is my lover. Thank you for showing me this I totally spaced on the X Games... kind of not a big deal over here. Maybe I should enlighten them.

Aubree said...

uhhhh sooooo legit!!! i wish i could be prooo

Lauren Rice said...

he's hott.