Thursday, January 15, 2009

How I Wish You Were Here

The start of the semester has been a little shaky all starting with my best friend moving to another continent, followed by more friends going off to school, breaking my phone, and missing the first two days of school and laying in bed sick. However yesterday was a great day filled with some of our favorite things, I just wish you were there to enjoy them with me!

-Even though I don't usually like Lo mien we had Chinese for dinner and I was loving Asian Star's it made me think of you and your weird love of Chinese noodle dishes. ( I didn't take a picture it was gone too quickly)

- I actually finished my DG letters, indulging in our love of crafts involving modge podge!

-The night was topped off with a couple of mindless hours spent watching GG and Greek(thanks to Katelyn's christmas present best little sis ever). A night with Nate and Cappie (you weren't even there to rain on my parade by commenting on his excessive man jewels) what more could I ask for maybe if I could just combine Nate's good looks and Cappie's wit I would really have my perfect man.

-It wouldn't be our favorite things if I did not include a treat. Mind you this is not just a pint, but a quart! Since I have a sore throat I have decided that my medicine should be lots of ice cream so I figured why not buy the big one?

Wished you were here to enjoy it with me!!!!!!


Steph said...

Mammy how I love you and miss you so! I think of you every time I get coffee ice cream here too!

Lauren Rice said...

Cute post :) and i love your letters!

Brecken said...

I love coffee icecream! Remember the disappointment when we went to eat it in the club house and it was melted!