Friday, August 15, 2008

So I always said I would update our blog a lot more when it was summer and I didn't have school. However, steph and I have been pretty pathetic at updating this blog. Our man of the month has turned into man of three months and has managed to get himself arrested for verbal abuse (What on earth do you say to someone to get arrested for verbal abuse?!), but its ok we still love him. Our song of the week has become the song of the month. It is very fitting that it is Tegan and Sara because we have been listening to them tons this summer. We will soon be updating all these hopefully, and adding more pictures!

p.s. this post is mostly to Fannie because I don't think anyone else reads this blog. Aren't you so proud of me I finally remembered all our log in crap!


Logan said...

fanni isnt the only one who reads this! i am like billions of miles away and still freaquent the mammy & fannie blog!!!!

phillup and mandy said...

i look quite often too and I LOVE christian bale!

Garr's Mom said...

Guess what? even I look at your blog once in awhile. I want to see what you cute girls are up to!! and I like Christian Bale too!