Saturday, June 21, 2008


June 19th was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. I turned 19 on the 19th and let me tell you, it was awesome.  Masha and Annie helped my celebrate by boating the day away at East Canyon.  Oh and of course Louie helped too.

Notice the fantastic gold swimsuit Brecken and Annie got me as a present.  How cool is that?!

To me, this photo represents Mammy's and my friendship.  I enjoy it.

Wakesurfing in sunglasses and loving it.

Annie, touching her elbow.
Fannie, trying.
FINALLY! Louie sitting on Annie's lap.  Such joy she's never imagined.

Windswept Louie.

All in all, 19 was an amazing birthday and I couldn't have asked for a more golden day!


Logan said...

I'm disappointed i didnt know about your birthday i would have got you something! 19 wow now you can buy cigarette's hahaha i'll have to get you something in the Philippines!!!! and oh yeah late Happy birthday

Lauren Rice said...

the gold swimsuit is classic. i love it!

Lauren Rice said...

i updated my blog JUST for you!