Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So Steph has been trying to get me to blog for eons and now that I should be studying I have to decided to write on our blog. It is amazing how fast a day goes by and how many things come up when you plan to study all day. Today for instance I was planning on studying all day for the final I have on friday however I don't know where the day has gone and I have only studied for two hours! Some of the day was spent watching the new episode of Gossip Girl at Fannie's house. They seemed to be really trying to pack as much drama as they could in one episode to make up for all the time they lost during the writers strike. Also everyone came back to the show with new haircuts. Little J got a new hair cut and looks less unfortunate however still she is just as retarded if not more than before!

Back to pretending to study!

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