Monday, May 26, 2008

One Week, Two Concerts

So there were two way tight concerts this week. First off Masha and I went and saw Mason Jennings. Neither of us knew what he looked like so we were pleasantly surprised when he came on stage. I was expecting him to be bald... He wasn't.

After the concert I came home and immediately bought his new cd that had just been released the previous day, "In the Ever." Totally recommend it.

Then today Andrea and I went and saw Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan and Sara at Thanksgiving Point. Tegan and Sara were awesome.

Then came Death Cab. From the SECOND ROW! It was the closest Mama Drea and I had ever been at a concert that big and we were super stoked. The only drawback was that we were right in front of the speakers. My ears are still ringing. Although I don't love their new album, their old stuff was amazing.

"I Will Follow You Into the Dark"

Mama Drea and I.
Dinner! Funnel Cake!


Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

im jealous..looks like fun! let's do something soon!

phillup and mandy said...

hey, just to let you know garr has a blog now,