Sunday, September 7, 2008


We'll I've accepted it: Masha and I are never going to get around to blogging together. There, I said it. Masha, I think it's about time you accept it too. So I'm going to fly solo on this entry. Here it goes:

Mammy & Fannie have delved into a whole new world called Crafts. All of a sudden we are so crafty! It all started with friendship bracelets. We thought how hard could it really be, I mean eight year olds make them. And if they can make them, so can we! Turns out eight year olds are way more talented than we originally thought.

So friendship bracelets were a bit of a bust but we were not discouraged! Thread just isn't our medium, that's all. Turns out making magnets is so much easier. With the help of our friend Abby, also known as Kibbles 'n' Bits, we made the coolest magnets you've ever seen:

We used pictures of Christian Bale, Gob and Buster Bluthe, TJ Schiller, and Tom Brady among others. Hot Heads are the only magnets worth having.

Still on our craft buzz, Masha and I discovered our true calling in life: paint splattering.

I needed some artwork for my room so we went to Roberts, picked up some canvases and paint and tried this awesome experiment. If you ask me I think it was a total success. These were so much fun to make that Mammy and I actually had another helping of paint splattering and made some artwork for Masha's bedroom too.

Mammy & Fannie shall not stop on our artistic streak here though by any means. Just wait for our fabulous rendition of "A Minor Incident" by Badly Drawn boy.